Visionix L67 Auto-Refractor / Keratometer

The L67 autorefractor/ keratometer features the same Wavefront measurement technology without automatic measurement functions. This makes it a more economical alternative to the L78 without the need to sacrifice accuracy or reliability.

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As the base model from which all other VX Series devices are based, the VX100 is our most cost effective Multi-Diagnostic Unit. Comprised of a keratometer, a corneal topographer, an auto-refractor, and corneal aberrometer, the VX100 offers unparelleled value.

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Briot has one of the most diverse line of auto-refractors in the industry, whether you are running a small optometry practice or are involved in medical research studies, Briot has the right device for your application.
Briot carries a number of innovative corneal topographers designed to catch aberrations and abnormalities before they become a major problem. Our flagship wave-front multi-diagnostic instruments offer the best value and highest technology in the industry.