Briot has one of the most diverse line of auto-refractors in the industry, whether you are running a small optometry practice or are involved in medical research studies, Briot has the right device for your application.
Briot carries a number of innovative corneal topographers designed to catch aberrations and abnormalities before they become a major problem. Our flagship wave-front multi-diagnostic instruments offer the best value and highest technology in the industry.

With the latest advancements in phoropter technology EMR integration is now possible using a Digital Refraction System, Briot has everything from our flagship VX55 Tablet-driven digital refraction system to our traditionally styled VX50 Manual Phoropter.

Briot carries a wide variety of slit lamps in multiple styles to suit the magnification needs as well as offer an easy upgrade path to digital imaging when the time comes. Our slit lamps provide both high quality and rugged durability for years of reliable operation.

While not typically an exciting product to purchase, the lensometer remains a staple of your dispensary, being able to accurately verify lens power and prescription on-site is critical.